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Gold Dorm; Nigel Graham Race [Oct. 31st, 2005|11:59 pm]
The Shadow Private Academy - Student Registry


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Name: Nigel Graham Race

Dorm: Gold

Age: Going on 18

Year: Senior

Looks: Standing at tall at 5'11'' Nigel's got a rather large build, not fat, muscle. He can look quite intimidating but really, he isn't at all. He's got light blonde hair, though it's growing back dark at the roots and is fairly tanned from spending much time out in the sun. His eyes are a pale green, so pale that some even say he's got no colour in his eyes. When he can, Nigel will most probably be seen wearing his trademark cowboy hat. He's also got quite a few piercings along with a skull tattoo on the back of his neck.

Personality: Nigel's usually rather friendly and outgoing. He'll be nice to everyone and very trusting which can be a bad thing at times. He's often picked on or taken advantage of and isn't at all used to big crowded schools since he himself was home schooled since he could remember. Regardless of Nigel's friendly nature he doesn't really have any 'real' friends, just frequently picked on by people he calls his friends.

Nigel will often try to hide all feelings of sadness, anger or pain. He doesn't feel any of these really, although since his arrival at the academy he worries about fitting in, not use how to interact with these other boys due to the lack of friends in his childhood.

Financial Status: Nigel sure isn't lacking in money. Due to his parent's 'accidental' death all their riches were placed under his name.

How He Got Into School: Again, money. Though it was his grandmother's decision to send him to the academy saying how he needed some friends and the feel of what it would be like to work with others. So in all, he's quite comfortable.

Favorite Subject: Art and English

Least Favorite Subject: Math and Drama

Livejournal Username: when_i_lie

As a bonus, check out two pictures of Nigel (drawn by when_i_lie) here: